About Bear Brand Singapore

Our Story 

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Bear Brand is a trusted family-owned brand with our headquarters in Makassar, Indonesia. Our simple and effective plant and herb-based recipe was well-received and trusted and thus, Bear Brand was born. Established since the 1990s, Bear Brand specialises in pain relief solutions based on a 70-year-old family recipe. We focus on only using natural ingredients in our medicated oil, balms and patches.

Bear Brand expanded into Singapore in 2019 as we noticed that Singaporeans are well-educated about personal health and are on a constant lookout for effective pain relief products


Our Beliefs

Through the test of time, we have constantly reminded ourselves to spread wellness and provide help to everyone.

This is also reflected on our packaging, where two bears were chosen to reflect the pure love of a mother towards her child. The never-ending care and concern from our loved ones brings about warmth and comfort that we can safely fall back on especially when we need a rest.

We want to bring that same warmth and sense of relief in our quality products and become the brand that is trusted through generations.


Why Patches?

Simple, patches are convenient. Simply peel stick and go!

Our patches are soft, breathable, designed for better absorption and consistent ingredient delivery up to 8 hours. When you're done, just remove and dispose.

We are constantly developing new products to solve your everyday problems, so stay tuned for new product launches. In the meantime, discover the natural benefits of our pain relief patches here.